About Us

About Us

Do you want to get inspiration for your next cross stitch project?

You have found the right place!

Hello and welcome to all you cross stitch lovers. We welcome both experience stitchers and total beginners who want help getting started.

We want to share everything we know about this fabulous hobby. You can find information, tutorials, support and inspiration for your next project.

We all have different reasons why we stitch. I think it provides us all with enjoyment and some satisfaction when our latest project we have been working on is finally finished.

I personally enjoy it because it is a way for me to be creative. I lack any talent in drawing but enjoy producing something that people like to look at. I enjoy other craft projects but get frustrated when mine doesn’t look exactly like the picture. Cross stitch is different, mine always looks like it is supposed to. It also relaxes me and gives me time out to think. Do write in and tell us any reasons you have?

cross stitch ideas popcorn magnet

For example this is a magnet I made for my Uncle and Auntie who live in the USA. I was going to visit them for my first time after my Uncle moved over there many years ago. It was my first time meeting my Auntie and also my cousin who is now 7 years old. How time flies. I really enjoyed adding the beads as this was a new technique for me. I thought it was really effective, especially for the popcorn.

Please spend time looking around the site as new content will be added regularly. We hope you become an active member and write in and tell us about any new projects, tips you find useful or any stories about your stitching.

Happy Stitching!