Counted Cross Stitch Wedding Card Ideas

Counted Cross Stitch Wedding Card Ideas

counted cross stitch wedding card

Counted Cross Stitch Wedding Card Ideas

You’ve received an invite or know that THE wedding is coming up and you’d like to make a counted cross stitch wedding card and you’re wondering what can you do to make it a little different, or a little better than last year’s?

Well here are a few ideas to get those creative juices flowing and try them or add to them, or tweak them to suit your needs.

Magazines and the Internet are a great source of ideas and FREE Wedding cross stitch patterns!

Mix your palette

counted cross stitch wedding card bride and groom
This counted cross stitch wedding card is a traditional Bride and Groom. Remember you can alter hair colour and flowers and dress colour too. Add sequins (some lovely heart ones, and seed beads to the Brides tiara or head dress. Why not buy in some wedding buttons (little churches, flowers etc and the world is your oyster. Get a GOOD quality card to mount your work and if you scrimp costs here it will show, think carefully and get help if like me cutting a straight line is impossible. If you are sending it through the post buy a padded envelope or wrap in tissue (acid free) and then in bubble wrap and that way you can be sure it arrives perfect!

counted cross stitch wedding red roses
This next cross stitch wedding card I found the chart in a magazine, and since oldest daughter was indeed having red roses it was perfect. I liked the large open flowing writing on it and adapted it where necessary colour wise. A nice simple counted cross stitch wedding card that looks lovely, you can use the little hearts or a single flower for a gift tag.

Using an Aperture card for your cross stitch wedding card

Aperture cards are those cards that have a shape cut out of the front. You can make a really original counted cross stitch wedding card this way. These can range from a simple square to a more complex design. In this case not only do you have an aperture card but there is pre printed decoration around the edge which sets off the picture. You need to match those cards to your design.
If you are not sure about what design you will use for your cross stitch wedding card, either buy a selection of different cards or a plain one that you can decorate yourself.  You will need to think feathers or sequins or dried rose petals or very small beads or ribbon etc etc. For this you will need to invest in some double sided sticky tape or PVA glue (buy card making glue as it will dry clear and less clumpy).

You can create an aperture for your own counted cross sitch wedding designs BUT you will need a cutting board, a very sharp craft knife, a template (can be made from cardboard, then traced around on blank card front) and a steady hand (practise first!)

This is a very simple counted cross stitch wedding picture; with decorated aperture cards you can swamp the outer border remember.

What about something a little more personal?

counted cross stitch wedding card aperture
Yes I know this is a snowman but consider this, a bride can be a simple with dress shape with simple hair and then you cut out where the face will go and put in the Bride’s.

Find a simple block Bridegroom and do the same, how fun! Do not sew inside the head cavity, this then needs to be CAREFULLY trimmed out and a photograph selected and stuck onto the card with double sided sticky tape, then stick the Bride’s dress and/or Bridegroom over the top.

Why not add charms? A lucky horse shoe, crucifix etc.

Simply Done

counted cross stitch wedding card aperture cake
I like this cross stitch wedding card it’s great for any type of wedding, it is merely a series of boxes sewn one on top of the other  in delicious colours! Know the wedding colours then use them in this card. Also this is VERY quick , great if you’ve asked hubby and he has sworn that he has the card and then the night before he says “oh wait no I didn’t” aaarrggghhh.

Creating Shaped Cards Yourself

What about creating shaped counted cross stitch wedding cards yourself ? A church shape with Bride and Groom at the door or windows, A floral bouquet where the centre of the flower heads are members of the bridal party or family pictures? An opened song sheet or Bible where the corners are decorated with Celtic borders and pictures are inside. A horse drawn carriage, vintage car, aeroplane where the Bridal party piccies are inside? The ideas should be flowing now, write them down, you may not get around to them this Wedding but there’s always next time and now you’re pre-warned!!

You can get packs of aperture or patterned cards from craft shops or online, try eBay, and don’t forget that they are often given away free as a gift with many magazines (if you take these off the price of your magazine – you are making a saving), keep them in a drawer if you don’t want to use them right now.

You can of course make them yourself from card which you can buy in bright coloured or sometimes coloured packs from the cheaper stores, like Pound land or Wilkinson’s etc etc. Take an A4 sheet cut it in half, then fold each half into half , voila one card front. You can create apertures with a little practice, and a template (I make mine from the backs of cereal boxes).

The nice thing about making your own cars is that you can sew a design and not worry about whether it will fit into a store bought aperture!

If you can get there the Hobby craft fairs at places like Birmingham’s NEC (also run at London and Glasgow I believe) these are great places to pick up bargains , but remember to think is it a bargain? (price wise!)

The world is your oyster, if you can stitch it or stick it then do it.

Make sure you add your cross stitch wedding card photos to your gallery.


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